Art Show Gallery

If you entered DMS and went to the right, then across the hall to the DHS and DMS works, to the specialists hall, and then into the library, this is the order you would view all the amazing work. Here’s a link to Dedham TV’s art show video.

01 DSCN809002 DSCN809103 DSCN809204 DSCN809305 DSCN809406 DSCN809507 DSCN809608 DSCN809709 DSCN809810 DSCN809911 DSCN810012 DSCN810113 DSCN810214 DSCN810315 DSCN810416 DSCN810517 DSCN810618 DSCN810719 DSCN810820 DSCN810921 DSCN811022 DSCN811123 SCN811224 DSCN811325 DSCN811426 DSCN811527 DSCN811628 DSCN811729 DSCN811830 DSCN811931 DSCN812032 DSCN812133 DSCN8122DSC00215DSC00216DSC00217DSC00218DSC00219DSC00220DSC00221DSC00222DSC00223DSC00224DSC00225DSC00226DSC00227DSC00228DSC00229DSC00230DSC00231DSC00232DSC00233DSC00234DSC00235DSC00236DSC00237DSC00238DSC00239DSC00240DSC00241DSC00242DSC00243DSC00244DSC00245DSC00246DSC00247DSC00248DSC00249DSC00250DSC00251DSC00252DSC00253DSC00254DSC00255DSC00256DSC00257DSC00258DSC00259DSC00260DSC00261DSC00262DSC00263DSC00264DSC00265DSC00266DSC00267DSC00269DSC00270DSC00271DSC00272DSC00273DSC00274DSC00275DSC00276DSC00277DSC00278DSC00279DSC00280DSC00281DSC00282DSC00283DSC00284DSC00285DSC00286DSC00287DSC00288DSC00289DSC00290IMG_1135IMG_1136IMG_1137

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Site for the Fine Arts Department of the Dedham Public Schools.
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