General Music Festival

On Saturday, Dedham had 20 students participate from Avery, Oakdale, and Greenlodge in a fantastic day of music making at the 8th Annual General Music Festival. They participated with 100 students from 14 different schools around the Eastern District. Dedham was represented well! Dedham own, Sara Allen (Avery/Oakdale Music Teacher)  was honored to run this event and was excited to see how many parents came to Boston Conservatory to support Music in a district level. Some highlights were: Bucket Drumming to Uptown Funk, Ukulele improvisation, Singing “Yonder ComeDay”, and Folk Dancing. The students were busy and left with some bright yellow t shirts to remember this day.

Looking forward to see more participants in the 9th Annual General Music Festival for 3rd through 8th grades.


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